Preserve your Financial Liberty with Global Gold

Key Box Storage: A unique service to preserve your wealth

Five key characertistics of this unique service:


The little details that make all the difference  in a severe financial crisis scenario:


  • The little details that make a big difference in a severe financial crisis scenario
  • Metals are physically stored in a high-security facility
  • Access to your metals at any time
  • Storage  organized outside the banking system
  • Direct and unencumbered ownership that remains exclusively  with you
  • Protected vault managed by the number 1 high-security storage specialist in Switzerland

Quotes by Claudio Grass, Managing Director at Global Gold in Switzerland:


"More terror attacks will follow, and governments will grow all the more coercive as they steer towards totalitarianism. People won’t be able to flee because they are trapped in a system that controls everything and everyone."


"The root cause of many evils that we have today is our current monetary system. Let’s look at the example of war. Without a monetary system that creates currency out of thin air, most of the wars that we have had and still have would simply not be financeable. This system is controlled by a few, who change the rules to their own benefit."


"The tipping point is near because markets are always stronger than central banks."


Claudio Grass, Managing Director,


Legislation asphexiation
New rules and regulations keep piling up, curtailing economic freedom and limiting individual financial choices.

Crisis of faith in the system

The snowballing lack of public confidence in the powers that be and their policies, is now shaking the ground upon which the central banking system is founded.

Rampant taxation
Over-reaching taxation is putting a severe strain on the private sector and saddling business owners and employers with a burden that borders on the absurd.

War on cash 
The campaign to eliminate cash and move transactions online, directly threatens financial liberty by making account monitoring and confiscations easier than ever before.

Monetary experimentation

Central banks are enforcing a series of purely experimental monetary interventions, supposedly aimed at stabilising the economy, and achieving the exact opposite.

Secure your financial independence in times of economic uncertainty

Precious metals: A time-tested insurance against economic instability

A variety of unique solutions

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Find out more details about the Key Box Storage option, see also below, our new physical gold service, a unique innovation in wealth preservation.



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The Global Gold difference

  • Gold boutique in the heart of Switzerland
  • Operating under a safe and stable jurisdiction
  • All metals are insured and audited
  • Metals are at your disposal, for inspection, withdrawal or delivery, at any time
  • No cash settlement clauses and the like
  • Highly competitive pricing fees

Central planning

Even after the fall of Communism, we witness a renewed, relentless effort by central planners to control and shape our economic future.

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  1. Store up to 60 pounds of precious metals in your fully insured, locked and sealed private storage box.

  2. You, the sole owner of the box, receive two keys and are the only person who has access to its content once it is placed in storage.
  3. You can store bullion, numismatic or semi-numismatic coins and bars in your private storage box.

  4. You don’t have to report your private box. The KBS service is a safe-keeping solution that offers a high level of privacy and is legally non-reportable in most tax jurisdictions.
  5. Have your private box and metals delivered to you. Contrary to other deposit box services, delivery can be organized without a personal appearance at the vault.