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Physical precious metals outside the bank create

financial freedom for investors

  • The company was founded in 2008.
  • The headquarters are in Switzerland. Global Gold has vaults in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • Its parent company, BFI Capital Group Inc, exists since 1993 and is a recognized wealth management firm.
  • Global Gold is an authentic, personal service; each customer is treated individually.
  • The safety of the clients's assets is paramount, that is why Global Gold does not offer online trading.


  1. Real vs fake money - How our monetary system works/fails:
    Monetary history shows that paper based money ultimately fails.

  2. Physical gold - Antidote against the global debt crisis:
    Debt is the biggest problem and physical allocated gold is the answer for investors.

  3. Gold outside the banking system - An investor Kit:
    How to protect your assets by safely owning unencumbered physical precious metals outside the banking system.


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Global Gold's offering is based on sound money principles

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Free of value-added tax

Free of any VAT that would ordinarily apply. Delivery out of our vaults are subject to VAT if shipped to countries where VAT applies.

High-security storage 
High-security vaults in Switzerland, Hong Kong or Singapore. Specialists run state-of-the-art security infrastructures

Promptly deliverable 
Your coins and bars are deliverable at any time. No fabrication-related delays or costs at delivery.

100% direct ownership 
Own precious metals directly, with no counterparty risk. No exposure to any creditor obligations.

100% insured and audited 
Insured for the full value against fire, water, fraud, theft and burglary. The metals are audited at least annually.

No bank involved
Facilitated "outside" of the banking system. No dependence on the functioning of markets or banks.

A safe and convenient way of buying, selling, storing or delivering allocated gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
The precious 
metals are stored in the coin or bar formats of your choice in the safest jurisdictions in the world.


Global Gold's offering is NOT a “paper metal” solution NOR is it an online program. Your metal is stored in high-security vaults.
You can choose to keep your metals in Switzerland, Hong Kong, or Singapore.

Global Gold Welcomes You With 3 Exclusive Reports

Our microdocumentary video went viral. It is clear that, increasingly, more people are asking fundamental questions about today's monetary system.


The microdocumentary (video) was created based on a research paper prepared by Global Gold. The paper which you can request below is an introduction in monetary history. It provides insights in the question why today's paper based money system is doomed to fail and how you can protect against such a collapse. You can receive the document for free by subscribing below.


Furthermore Global Gold offers two other reports. There is obviously no obligation involved in subscribing to our papers. By contrast we encourage people to get in touch with us to exchange ideas and thoughts about the matter.


- Claudio Grass, Managing Director, claudio.grass@globalgold.ch

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